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"Creative Advantage has made a big impact on BMS, helping us change our culture and giving our people the understanding and tools they need to drive innovation and results."

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Driving Growth Through Innovation

At Creative Advantage, we deliver a comprehensive approach to innovation, supported by integrated services in learning, consulting, tools and assessments and facilitation of ideation.

Supplemented by the unique innovation assessment tool Innovation Styles, our techniques engage leaders, teams, and individual contributors, leaving them focused, inspired, committed and, most importantly, capable of driving successful innovation. In our work, we enlist your people and their ideas in the process of identifying and solving the critical issues facing your business, increasing productivity and profits.

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Training and Learning

Tools & Assessments


Our experience has shown us that the Innovation Process often requires combining Culture and Climate Change along with Core Skill Development. To help guide Leaders, Teams, and Individuals through the process of Innovation, we’ve developed a model that highlights the building block process necessary to create lasting change. Our Learning Steps have been integrated into meetings (regional, leadership, teams) and core learning catalogs.

Our latest offerings include:

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innovation styles

  • Innovation Styles now available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, German, Italian, French, English and Spanish.

Latest News

August 2013: We are excited to present a mini version of our "Everyone Innovates" program to participants at Burning Man 2013 at PLAY)A(SKOOL on Wednesday, August 28, 11 to 12:30.

February 2012: We celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our partnership with Imaginatik,  world-class providers of award-winning innovation management technology platforms

January 2011: From President Obama's State of the Union: "Cutting the deficit by cutting our investments in innovation and education is like lightening an overloaded airplane by removing its engine" See More

January 2011: Three of the world's largest pharmaceuticals incorporate the Innovation Styles model and assessment into their innovation processes

December 2010: Creative Advantage is proud to announce our new Latin American partner, Victor Vera from Quinta Era Consultores



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